Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My sweet baby girl is 1

Everyone has always said to cherish every moment because it will go by so fast...and it is so true. Reese turned 1 on April 12th. I cannot believe it. In the last month she has begun walking, quit drinking formula, gotten 4 top teeth and is clearly saying a few words. It is like she is no longer a little baby and now becoming a little girl. We are having so much fun with all of her new developments but it makes me sad. She is such a precious and sweet little baby girl.

Her actual birthday fell on a Tuesday. We woke her up by singing happy birthday. She scowled at us the whole time and did not want to wake up. We got her from daycare at lunch and took her to Chuck e cheese. She thought it was so great and we also had a very fun time. They sang to her many times at daycare and they said that she would clap every time. They made her the most adorable card at daycare with each of her school friends hand prints and names. For dinner we took her to a restaurant that we knew would sing. It was so cute, she was watching the waitstaff as they announced her birthday and then she looked around and realized that everyone was looking at and clapping for her and she put her face on the table and her hands on her head. Once they started singing she watched them and she clapped for them at the end, so cute.

The following weekend was her birthday party weekend. My parents, Neal's parents, my sisters, brother in law and nephew all came up for the event. We went out to Monte Ne on Friday night and then came home to celebrate Carrie's birthday, she turned 25 on the 17th. The main event was on Saturday. We had the party at the Little Gym. Reese had a blast and everyone else seemed to have a good time as well. The Little Gym was an amazing place to have a party, they do everything for you. It was truly stress free. Overall, we had a great weekend with all of the family in town and had a great time celebrating Reese's first year of life.

I am so thankful for Reese and feel so blessed to have another precious baby on the way.