Monday, July 20, 2015

Mini Vacay 2015

Last Thursday we went to Branson for a 3 day mini vacay. I found a condo on the lake just behind Silver Dollar City. I couldn't find many reviews and the place has only been open for about a year so it was a bit of a gamble but ended up being an amazing place. It had an infinity pool overlooking Table Rock Lake and the condo was really nice, spacious, a great location and had everything we needed.

It is hard to see them with the sunset behind but Neal, Ella and Reese are in the pool.

This was the view from our bedroom out the balcony door while I drank coffee and watched television Friday morning.

Despite the heat and super long lines we had a blast at Silver Dollar City on Thursday. Friday we spent time swimming, then on a whim went to an aquarium and finished the night at the landing. The girls really enjoyed the aquarium but it was a bit old and run down. They did have some cool animals and the favorite were the "dr" fish that ate the dead skin from your hands. 

Neal has thrown the girls in the air by the lake every time we go to Branson since they were really young. They now remember this and ask for it. I love that we have these pictures in this spot year after year. Pretty soon they won't really leave his hands because they are getting so long and heavy.

Saturday we stopped in Cassiville Missouri on our way home to try out the Roaring River Water Slide that I have been wanting to do for a long time. This was so much fun. It is on the side of the road, a man sitting in a booth taking your cash and has been here for many, many years. Simple, potentially dangerous fun. We all had a blast, and got in a good workout too having to walk up the hill over and over again.

Saturday afternoon and for a few hours Sunday were spent on the lake. The best friends ever left us their boat while they were on vacation. We had a blast. We didn't ski, tube or anything else- we simply drove around, ate a lot and would stop to swim and float around in coves. Me and the girls had so much fun. Neal had a good time but spent a lot of time nervous since it was not our boat and he thought something would go wrong.

They both fell asleep for a short time on Saturday.

  Sunday Ella got some one on one time with her parents because Reese had a playdate with her best friend Reagan. It was fun to hang out with Ella alone but we missed Reese.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A kid free weekend, round 3

Last weekend Neal's parents graciously volunteered to keep the girls for the 3rd year in a row over an extended weekend. These weekends are so much fun for all of us. While we miss the girls terribly it is really a lot of fun to hang out in our home alone.

We met half way on Thursday evening and on our way back home we stopped for a kid free Sam's trip. We then tried out Miles James' new restaurant MJ Pizzeria. They serve wood fired pizza and home made pastas. It was SO good. The appetizer alone was worth the trip- wood fired focaccia bread and artichoke dip. 

Friday we planned to try the kayak park in Siloam Spring but once we got out there we realized it was closed because the water is so high. The road to get there was completely impassable due to high water. So instead we tried out Miles James' Siloam restaurant 28 Springs, also really good. We bought some tomatoes and peaches from a roadside stand, checked out an Aldi and then walked through a flea market. We came back home and then went to the neighborhood pool for a bit. That evening we met a couple of good friends for dinner and drinks.

Saturday we did the Aquatic Center to try out the slides that we never do when the girls are with us and to lay out on a chair not having to worry about little humans. We then went to the neighborhood pool again. Later that night we tried out a new Italian restaurant near the house, Roma, with good friends and came back to our house. It is always strange to hang out with friends at the house with no thought of having to pick kids up at a certain time or keeping it down so that the girls don't wake up.

The girls and their grandparents also had a fun weekend. They swam, boated, played with cousins, went to a fun land, got a visit from a sweet dog and went to a dinosaur exhibit. We met them at Neal's grandparents house on Sunday and spend some great time with them.

I am thankful that Neal's parents are willing and look forward to keeping the girls for the weekend each year. I am also thankful that the girls get so excited about going. We were so ready to have them back by Sunday. The house isn't the same without them, it is really their house.