Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun Summer Updates

Summer is my FAVORITE time of the year. Spring and Fall are a close second but I really don't care too much for Winter. This Spring/Summer has been such a fun time in my life.

We have spent so much time at the pool lately and have been having so much fun. Both of my babies are water babies and have been having a blast at the pool. I love the sun and the water so I've love having a neighborhood pool. Just being able to be outside so much in the past few months has been so much better than having to be indoors due to the cold of winter.
I wanted to take a minute to update all of the recent changes of both of the girls...
She have begun telling Neal and I that she loves us. This has been the most adorable, heart melting thing to come out of her mouth. I love this little girls so much. She has so much personality and is becoming so cuddly and sweet when she wants to be. She is turning into a little girl. She truly is no longer a baby, which is so bitter sweet. She has become increasingly more coordinated. Her memory has amazed us...if we drive near her docotor's office she immediately begins to say doctor, sick. We won't even be able to see the office but be near it and she begins to say this. She is also beggining to put together full sentences. Yesterday she said to me "Mommy, I saw a bunny" (she loves bunnys and tells me that she sees them even if she doesn't). She even had a real play date a couple of weeks ago with her best friend Reagan. They played at Reagan's house, went to the splash pad and then went to see some goats, chickens and cows near Reagan's house. She had so much fun and has been talking about it every day since.

She cannot seem to stay well. She has had hand, foot and mouth disease twice in the past month. She currently has a terrible cold that has turned into an ear infection. She also had pnemonia a few months ago, which was scary. Despite all of the sickness she is such a happy and sweet baby. I feel like we are finally getting somewhere with the sleeping. Lately she is only waking up once a night to feed (I hope I am not jinxing myself by stating that publicly). She has begun sitting up, crawling and pulling up and taking steps while holding on to things all in the past month. She constantly says dadadadada but is not insterested in saying mamamam despite all of the practicing that I do with her. She is so cute, sweet and easy going. The first photo below is one that one of her teacher's sent to me and is the first time that she pulled up on her own, the puckery lips she is making in the photo is a normal face she funny.

I love both of these girls with all of my heart. We go to Destin in 9 days with my entire family and Neal's parents. I am SO excited about this trip I could burst. The girls are going to have so much fun and I am goin to get to spend some great quality time with my family, which is priceless to me since I get to see them so seldom. We are all going to have a blast.

Last weekend we went to North Little Rock to spend Father's Day with Neal's family. I have been so bad lately about pulling the camera out and capturing photos. I didn't get many photos over the weekend but the few that I did are priceless.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our pinterest inspired patriotic wreath

I have had a wreath on our front door with a 2 on it since early April for Reese's 2nd birthday. I've had plans to make this patriotic wreath for some time but I seem to plan a lot lately and actually do only a little. I finally completed this wreath and I'm so happy with it. I even had help from my favorite 2 year old.

It was a pretty simple project. It involves marking your lines, cutting felt into small squares, folding them twice and pinning them into a styrofoam form. I then used beading wire to make the springs for the stars and hot glued the stars to the springs. The stars are from Hobby Lobby, I cut them off of some patriotic garland.

I'm really happy with the finished product and now I just hope that it's made well enough to hold up.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

So many developments

Ella is growing up WAY too fast. In the course of 2 weeks she's mastered going from rolling around to sitting up on her own, right onto crawling & is now pulling up. She is only 7 months old. Reese did these 3 things with about a month in between each. I'm not ready for it but I won't be surprised if she's walking before we know it.

These are pictures of the first time I walked in and she was sitting up in her crib and a photo that one of her teachers texted me of her standing in her crib while puckering her lips. She's such an adorable girl.