Monday, July 29, 2013

Random updates on a Monday

1. Something I want to document and never forget, because I love it and know that one day soon it will just be a memory, is the fact that Reese cannot pronounce her v's correctly. So we get this: moobie= movie, moob= move, Steeb (Neal's boss)= Steve, smoobie= smoothie, neber= never.

2. Ella has developed quite the attitude and ability to fight back. We may be in over our heads with these 2 strong willed girls..but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

3. We have undoubdebtly moved into the best cul-de-sac there is. The girls have had a blast since we moved in. For the 4th of July we had a 3rd of July cul-de-sac party complete with food, a baseball game, fireworks and a band. It seemed that everyone had a great time.

4. I have been running for over 3 months now! This is a huge accomplishment for me. I have set out to run before and it has only lasted for a few weeks at most. I have 2 ladies that have been running with me and I think that is the difference that has kept me at it. I have gotten up to 3 miles, this is also huge for me..I know it is not a lot to many but this is the furthest I have ever run. I have been working towards a 5k race that I am scheduled to run on August 3rd. Sunday July 7th my left ankle began hurting. The next day both ankles were hurting. The hurt was mild so I went ahead and ran on a treadmill while I was on vacation. They didn’t hurt any worse, it was just there, until Friday of that week. My ankles were swollen and so sore. They are now very sore and swollen off and on. I broke down and made an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. I apparently have tendinitis. I'm on anti inflammatory and am hoping that will fix it. Sadly I will not be able to run the race.

5. The girls went to spend the weekend with Neal’s parents for the first time ever away from home without us this past weekend. I truly missed them so much but it was a much needed break. We were able to relax, enjoy friends without distraction and get a lot done around the house in preparation for a big shower that we are throwing here next weekend. The girls had a great time with their Grandparents and I am thankful that they were willing to take on so much responsibility. Gigi and Gi-Pop will probably sleep really well for a week.

6. I'm so glad to have my precious little girls home!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Antonio Vacation 2013

This year’s vacation started out with 4 bathroom stops in the 1st 3 hours of our road trip to San Antonio. After our 1st bathroom stop Reese would insist that she needed to use the bathroom and once we stopped and got out she would reveal that she did not need to use the bathroom. I have to hand it to her that she is a very smart 3 year old, she figured out quickly that claiming to need to use the bathroom got her out of the car that she hates. My girls are decent car riders but not great and neither of them really napped in the car..Reese not at all really and Ella only for a half hour here or there.

We chose San Antonio because Reese has had an obsession with whales for a while now so we decided to do Sea World. While we were there we also did the river walk, the Children’s museum, swam in the hotel pools a lot and ate at Taco Cabana a lot. We stopped in Allen on the way up and back for the night to break up the trip and had fun there too.

The river walk really was not kid friendly. There is about an 8 foot wide walk way on each side of the river with no railing to keep you from falling into the river. There are also hardly any bridges to get you from one side to the other and the couple that we saw had stairs, not convenient with a double stroller. We didn’t let the girls get out of the stroller as we feared they would fall in. We stopped for dinner at the Rainforest CafĂ©. This was actually one of the highlights of the trip. The girls loved all of the animals and were fascinated, and a bit frightened, of the thunderstorms. The food was okay but the entertainment was spectacular for a 3 yo and a 1 yo.

My mom came up for the night and got to go to Sea World and the Children’s museum with us. Sea world was a lot of fun. We spent 10 hours there and everyone held up so much better than I expected. Neal looked at me at one point and said he didn’t think we could have done the whole day there without my mom as it is a lot to keep up with the 2 of them at a theme park that size.

We had a really great vacation and so much fun together. We hope to do it again one day when the girls are older and also do Shlitterbahn and maybe float the Guadalupe River.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ella's 1st movie

At 2 years old we took Reese to her 1st movie. Ella is 20 months, which seems young for a movie in the theatre. Monsters University came out a couple of weeks ago and Monsters Inc. is Ella's favorite movie so we decided to go ahead and try it. We went on a Sunday afternoon after nap. We went with our good friends and neighbors. Ella and Reese were so excited. Ella was such a good girl. She sat in our laps. watched the movie and ate her pop corn and candy. Her sister on the other hand would not stay in her seat or be quiet. About an hour and a half in we had to leave because Reese wouldn't behave and Ella was about ready anyways. So we look forward to seeing the entire movie when it comes out. We had a good time and Ella enjoyed her first experience in the theatre.
Look at Ella's silly pose in the below photo!

I love this photo of our cute little family.