Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ella's 1st movie

At 2 years old we took Reese to her 1st movie. Ella is 20 months, which seems young for a movie in the theatre. Monsters University came out a couple of weeks ago and Monsters Inc. is Ella's favorite movie so we decided to go ahead and try it. We went on a Sunday afternoon after nap. We went with our good friends and neighbors. Ella and Reese were so excited. Ella was such a good girl. She sat in our laps. watched the movie and ate her pop corn and candy. Her sister on the other hand would not stay in her seat or be quiet. About an hour and a half in we had to leave because Reese wouldn't behave and Ella was about ready anyways. So we look forward to seeing the entire movie when it comes out. We had a good time and Ella enjoyed her first experience in the theatre.
Look at Ella's silly pose in the below photo!

I love this photo of our cute little family.

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