Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

The girls and I are so fortunate to have Neal. He is the best daddy that any little girl could ask for & he is the best husband & support that I could ever ask for. On Mother's Day I did one if those mommy questionnaires with Reese so I decided to do a daddy one today.

What is your daddy’s name?

What is something that daddy always says to you?
What are you doing?

What makes daddy happy?
To play games with me.

What makes daddy sad?
When he falls down and he gets a boo boo and it bleeds.

How does daddy make you laugh?
When I say poop or I toot.

How old is daddy?

How tall is daddy?

What color is daddy’s hair?

If daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?

What is daddy’s favorite food?
Food from chuck e cheese.

What is daddy really good at?

What is daddy’s favorite thing to do?

What does daddy do for his job?
Lays on the beds.

What makes you proud of daddy?
When I poop on the potty. (I think she mistook this question for what makes daddy proud of her.)

What do you and daddy do together?
Play games.

Where is daddy’s favorite place to go?
Chick fil a.

How do you know that daddy loves you?
He fixes the loud noise and protects me.

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