Sunday, March 12, 2017

Reese's basketball debut

Last fall Reese decided that she was interested in basketball. We bought her a ball and she began practicing on the neighbors goals. When I noticed that Upward sign ups were going on I asked her if she would want to play on a team and she really wanted to. I talked to my friend Terianne about it and we decided we would try to get her daughter Avah and Reese on the same team. 

At the evaluation Reese did great. She wasn't amazing but for a 6 year old with no past basketball experience she did great. The team that she was placed on had the sweetest (most amazingly talented) girls on it. We all had so much fun with this first basketball team experience. Her team mascot was the Buffaloes!!

I was probably a little more into it than I may should have been. Having played basketball growing up this is the first sport she has played where I actually understand the rules. Even when they weren't keeping score (or quit keeping our score because we were blowing the other team away) I continued to keep score. We had an undefeated season and won the championship! Her friend Avah was unbelievable. She would score over half the points at many games and we had some really high scoring games. Reese improved so much from the start of the season to the finish and she had a really fun time with it. Her defensive game was really good and she would score 2 or 3 goals each game.

I'm glad we decided to try this out and think she may want to continue with basketball for a while!

Beavers- 48-10
Gators- 45-24
Aggies- 62-6
Beavers- 34-20
gators- 50-14
aggies- 52-14
aggies- 40-6
can't remember the last team but the score was 40-8

Shooting at practice.

Reese and Avah!

Reese's tournament fan club.

Team selfie's in between games at the tournament.

Ella and her friend Emory taking a selfie in between cheering,

The champions after the final game!