Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bed rest

Last Tuesday afternoon I went in to my regular weekly doctor's appointment. Towards the end of the appointment I mentioned to him that I had been feeling some minor pressure...nothing I was too concerned about just something that I never felt with Reese so I thought I would mention it. He said that this being my second pregnancy my muscles are not as tight to hold the baby as high and she may be carrying lower causing some of the pressure. He didn't think it would be much of an issue but since I was complaining of pressure he was going to check me. When he did it turned out that I was 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. So he immediately admitted me into the hospital for 24 hours of monitoring and 2 rounds of steroid shots. They were able to determine that I was not in active labor and getting in the 2 rounds of steroids will greatly improve her lung functioning if she does come soon.

He released me on Wednesday afternoon to complete bed rest until I reach 36 weeks. He said our initial goal was to get me to 34 weeks, which is today. While 34 weeks is way too early her survival chances are very high. Our next goal is 35 weeks and our ultimate goal is 36 weeks. Who knows maybe I will make it to the end, she just wanted to scare us a little.

Bed rest has definitely gotten old. I know I am doing great things in growing this baby but it makes me feel worthless to lay around all day long. In the middle of all of this Neal is moving us into a rental house as our house is under contract and scheduled to close on September 26th. My husband is so amazing and has worked so hard every spare moment he has had to get us moved. Because of him I really have not been stressed through all of this and I appreciate that about him so much.

Reese hasn't seemed to notice much of a change but I make sure to hang out with her in the evenings. We lay on the couch and watch Yo Gabba Gabba, she gets to eat dinner in the living room (we roll her high chair out) while I lay on the couch and eat and I lay on her floor while Neal and I do bedtime together.

I am so excited about getting to begin the building process. We are not starting a thing until our house officially closes and we know that it is a done deal. That should all take place in the next 12 days or so. We are so close to getting to begin something that we have fantasized about for such a long time.