Monday, August 15, 2016

Destin vacation 2016

I'm so thankful for the (annoying) daily posts I made while we were on vacation this year. I'm going to post each one of them in this blog post (plus others) because they are such a perfect memory of each of our days spent there this summer. 

I am also thankful for the extended period we had there this year. We had so much fun! Neal is so fortunate to have such a generous boss who opened his home to us while he was also on vacation, and we were able to spend over 2 weeks in sunny FL.

My huge family is so amazing and the girls had a blast with them (night after night parties with Mau, jewelry making & ice cream with Grizzy & endless fun with Emmie & Jacob- my cousins have also made a mark in these girls heads too), we did too. And Neal's sweet parents came down too and the girls and us made such great memories with them too. It was probably the best vacation we've had yet. 

The 1st week, just the 4 of us, was nothing short of wonderful but if we had done it the week after the family was there the girls would have found Neal and I to be rather the timing of it all worked out perfectly.


Most days I was able to capture it all in a collage but some days required some extra shots because they were too special to pass up. It was such a great trip with a true highlight being blessing my mom with a fun 60th surprise party. I look forward to 2 years from now when we do it again with my big crazy family!!