Thursday, July 14, 2016

Random updates on a Monday

Crazy creep- Reese came home from school around March calling me, Neal, Ella and the dogs a "crazy creep" for various different reasons. This really made us laugh so we may or may not use the term from time to time ourselves. Now it's kind of stuck. So if you hear either of our daughters saying this it's pretty innocent and they're only doing this because they have not been properly corrected for it 😬. She's come home with all kinds of interesting stuff to share since starting school...nothing too bad thankfully.

Grandparents weekend- the girls went to Neal's parents for the weekend, in mid June, for the 3rd year in a row. They had a blast and look so forward to this time each year. We also look forward to a kid free weekend in our own house each year. While we missed them terribly (I slept horribly while they were gone) we had an awesome weekend. The #1 thing we wanted to do was a long bike ride, we rode to a bagel shop and had breakfast then over to the outdoor mall for some shopping. We also got to go shoot the gun at a range and did dinner at a restaurant we've been wanting to try for a long time. It was a great weekend for all 4 of us!

New hobby- I've always been crafty but a few months ago started making a very small profit on some of my craftiness, that I enjoy spending time doing. I broke down and bought a Cricut because I was spending money on vinyl iron ons and stickers long enough that I decided I may as well make them myself. I've had so much fun with it but it is rather time consuming. I'm still trying to determine a balance between, quality time with the littles, housework & cooking, spending time with the husband & getting orders completed. It didn't help that I started this right before my first summer of having both girls home everyday, but I'm slowly finding a rhythm and when school starts it should be that much easier. 

Look what I caught on camera the other night! The girls commonly sleep like this.

4th of July- we have decided that staying in town for the 4th is fun for all of us. One of our great neighbors coordinates a neighborhood parade each year for the kids that is led by a fire truck. Some good friends also had a fish fry. It was an all around super fun weekend!

These girls may not see each other much but their love for each other is still very strong! They recently got together and played in the mud.

Weekend in Branson- A couple weekends ago we planned to go for the day to roaring river with some good friends to do the water slide. Well the water slide turned into all weekend at their lake house afterwards & Silver Dollar City to end the weekend. It was a really fun weekend in Branson and these kids really had a blast together. 

I also took Reese by herself one day to Silver Dollar City. We had a fun time and rode so many fun rides. She is a fun girl and I am so thankful for our one on one time here and there. I'm planning to take Ella in August after Reese is back in school.

Camp- we made the last minute decision to sign Reese up for camp this summer. We did this after attending family camp at New Life Ranch. She was on a waiting list until the week before. She missed the last day due to beach travel, but we decided the 4 days she did get were worth it. She had a blast and soaked up so much truth!

The beach- we are currently at the beach (Destin) & have been here for over a week! Our families arrived 3 days ago. I plan a whole post for this vacation but it's been a great time so far.

Side note- it was pretty sad leaving the sweet puppies for so long but I know they're in good hands. Mr. Pickles got some sweet Ella snuggles in the day we left (mostly due to the storms that were going on that he was scared of).