Sunday, September 27, 2015

Life-on-life influence

Today at church one of our favorite pastors spoke on evangelism. He focused on the importance of having a mentor that is a stage or two ahead of you in life as well as having a mentee a stage or two behind. 

This sermon really spoke to me. I have been thinking about finding a woman that is a stage or two ahead of me to look to for guidance, support and friendship for over a year now. Ideally I'd love to find someone that has raised or is raising daughters a bit older than mine. It would just be so amazing to have someone to confide in and look to for advice as we eventually handle the mean girl stuff, pre-teen attitudes & dating 😁😁😁. Finding this person has been a challenge for me. I did this well when I was working in a professional setting but it was for some reason so much easier to find mentors and I had some great ones in the professional setting. I'm praying and searching for who God may have for me in this area and hope to find someone in his timing to do life with. 

I also have a heart for high school and college girls and have been considering starting a community group for a high school girls. I just think this would be so much fun, rewarding and would be a highlight of my life a few years from now. I think I'd like to wait until Ella is in kindergarten to take this on and I'm hoping I may find one or two other ladies that may want to do this with me. An added perk will be that my girls will hopefully be influenced by some high school girls that are making good choices and may pour into their lives as well. 

More to come on this but I'm believing this will be a reality in the near future.