Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy hood

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I am so thankful that He chose me to be these girls mommy. It has been the most amazing (& challenging) thing I've ever done. Neal did a great job of making the day special. We also did something that I've been waiting for Reese to be old enough to do, a mommy survey...see her responses below:

1. How old is your mom. 3

2. How much does your mom weigh? 2 months

3. What is your mom's favorite color? Green

4. What is your mom's favorite food? Lunchables & apple sauce

5. My mom always says? Listen & obey

6. What does your mom cook the best? Lunchables & cookies

7. What is your mom's job? The iPuter (?)

8. Your mom laughs when? When she goes home & then she goes to church (again, ?)

9. If your mom had time she would love to? Play with fish

10. Your mom & you like to? Play games together

11. What does your mom really love?playing games

12. You love your mom because? Games (I think she got stuck on games)

I think this survey is such a cute idea and look forward to doing this each year.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Random thoughts on a Monday

1. My mother in law took this photo of us before Reese's birthday party. I absolutely love this picture of my sweet little family.

2. Ella has a sweet little friend at school named Caroline. I think she has found her Reagan (Reese's bestie). They are so cute together and seem to love each other so much. She also lives in our neighborhood and get to play together at the playground, in the culdesac and at the pool. I am so excited to watch these two cuties grow up together.

3. I haven’t written a post on Reese’s 3rd birthday party and am not sure that I am going to get around to it so I will make this a condensed version. We all had a blast. The gym that we did it at turned out to be a great choice. All of the kiddos seemed to have a great time and it was a perfect amount of space for the exorbitant amount of people that I ended up inviting. She even had a surprise visit from Rapunzel. I will probably upload a separate post of photos to remember in a soon to come post.

4. She looks so adorable in a bow but they only stay in for as much as 10 minutes. We need some bow training.

5. How did they get so big? They sat at a table by themselves, for a bit, at Sam's on Friday eating their pizza.

6. Ella's teacher sent this picture to me of her playing in the water at school. I love this cute picture of her and am so happy to have chosen a school that has teachers that will text me photos througout the day.

7. If you are ever in Little Rock All Aboard was such a fun place to take kids to eat. Your dinner is delivered by a train. This is Ella fascinated by the train delivery system.

8. We recently took Reese to Disney on Ice, dare to dream. Reese’s best friend Reagan went down too (her grandparent’s also live in the area) and we met my good friend and college roommate and her little girl. All 3 girls seemed to love it..and I think that all of us enjoyed it too.

9. We are 3 weeks in to having no binkys. I am so incredibly proud of this girl. She is getting so big. In this photo she is buckling her shoes all by herself.

10. In my last random updates I talked about our love for Barkley. We still love her to death but she is driving up crazy by getting food from the table any time we turn around. I recently made the girls a mini table and chairs and it is just at Barkley’s level, I think this has caused her to realize what exciting things exist on a kitchen table so she fights to get onto the mini table or the regular table now whenever she smells food.

11. The above mentioned table and chairs has worked out to be a really fun addition to our kitchen. I got the table at a flea market and the chairs from Neal and I painted them cream, distressed them and I modge podged the top with scrapbook paper. I love how it turned out!

12. Ella fell a few weeks ago and, we don’t know how in the world it happened, caught her fingernail just right that it took her nail off. It was 45 minutes of top of her lungs crying, bleeding and a whole lot of family members with broken hearts for this sweet little girl. She wouldn’t even eat the smarties that I offered her in an effort to distract her from the pain, this means she was in a lot of pain. My co-worker and her pediatrician both scared me when they mentioned that it could have come out from the root and the nail may never come back. I am thrilled to report that she has a nail growing back now. This is not a great photo but it is close to impossible to get an 18 month old to hold her hand still to get a good shot of it.