Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring Break 2017

 Each year around Spring Break Neal has to travel to New York for market. This year was no different and he had to leave mid week during the week of Spring Break. My mom's Spring Break was the week before ours so we decided to start Spring Break early and took the girls out of school the Thursday and Friday prior. This was we got some time with Neal and my mom.

We headed down to Houston with an overnight stop in Dallas. Can you see the personality oozing out of these 2 crazy girls?

Of course no road trip to Houston isn't complete without a stop at Bucee's!

This Houston trip was one of my favorites. The activities we did were just a lot of fun (Imax movie premier of Beauty and the Beast, 1st American Girl store trip and 1st American Girl doll purchase, birthday celebrations with Grizzy even though it wasn't really either of their birthday yet, lots of good time with family, the zoo and a trip to Aunt Mau's house that is always a highlight).

On our way home we decided to spend a few days in Dallas as just a family of 4. We went to the Aquarium, the Science center and Top Golf. This was really fun time for us. We often drive through and stay the night in Dallas but never really explore.

This is the mark of a fun trip!

When we got back home it was time for Neal to head to New York. The girls and I had some really sweet time together, just the 3 of us. We spend hours at lake Atalanta one day playing in the water, riding multiple miles around the trail while I ran and playing on the playground.

We experimented with tie dye for the first time and loved our results. Notice my socks.

We did a lot of lounging around.

And we took Mr. Pickles on an adventure one day. They felt bad for Barkley so we walked her around the block before taking Mr. Pickles to Crystal Bridges trail so that she felt included too.

None of it was too elaborate but it will be a Spring Break that we all remember as a really good time.

Reese's 7 year stats

Reese continues to grow like a weed and is at the top of the charts. I'm thankful for this healthy, growing girl that is so full of life. She weighs 65 lbs. 8 ozs. and is in the 97th percentile for weight and is  4' 4" tall and is in the 90th percentile for weight. So she is perfectly proportionate and absolutely perfectly made!

We love her doctor. We use a male doctor and in the coming years I know there will be some awkward conversations and visits for a girl to have with a male doctor. So sadly in the next few years I think we will have to make a switch. Dr. Swindle let Ella use his ear examiner (no idea what those things are called) and pretend that she was the doctor. She looked in Reese's ears and reported there was a bird and looked down her throat.

Last weekend in baseball Reese got hit by the ball while batting (they use a really inconsistent pitching machine). This is the second time this season that she's been hit. This time Neal encouraged her to scoot up closer to the plate to hit and she said no. Then one of the other coaches also told her to scoot up just a bit. She is so intimidated to scoot close or swing hard since she got hit the first time. She reluctantly scooted up and sure enough the ball hit her finger, smooshing it into the bat. She yelled "I told you I would get hit" and ran off the field sobbing. I missed all of this because I was at soccer practive with Ella. Poor girl!

While at the doctor she dramatically told the doctor about her finger injury. I did want him to take a look at it but I wasn't expecting to leave there with a potential fracture and a finger splint for a week. He said we could x-ray but the course of action if we were to confirm a fracture would be to splint it. So we just went ahead and did that and if it got any worse he wanted us to come back in.

This sweet girl doesn't need to get hit anymore this season (or ever again would be good) as I'm not sure that we will be able to get her to hit again as it is.