Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas with a 2 and 3 year old is SO. MUCH. FUN. Reese was old enough to participate in her school Christmas program this year. It was fun to watch her sing with all of her friends. During the first portion she decided to be shy and suck on her fingers. She eventually broke out of her shell and participated without hesitation.

Sucking on her fingers.

Graysons pants were undone and Kyle had to run up there mid performance.

Reese has been going overnight with a dry pull up here and there. We wondered if she was just being lazy and truly had the ability to hold it if she had incentive. So Neal told her that if she had a dry pull up 5 night in a row she could put a pie in his face. Sure enough she was just being lazy and on Christmas Eve she got to put a pie in his face. She has gone over a week now pull up free with no issues. So proud of her!
We spent Christmas with Gigi and G-Pop this year. The girls had a blast. I just love this tradition of new Christmas pajamas and the adorable photos that I have gotten year after year. This year's photos are my favorite yet.

The girls had a lot of fun doing little kitchen projects with Gigi. They made snowmen out of marshmallows, stuffed cookies and brownie reindeer.

Ella got an E ornament made by G-Pop just like the one her sister has.

G-Pop made them name puzzles that I know they will cherish always. They are really cute and I love that they are made by their Pop.

They got to "make a mess" which means remove all of the couch cushions and jump onto them. They think that this is the most fun activity that there is.

Santa visited our house while we were gone but he also made a quick stop at the grandparents and dropped off some stockings.

Gigi and G-Pop got them backpacks with sleeping bags in them that they both love.

I am trying to capture a shot like this of the 5 of them every time we go to Neal's grandparents. I know that Neal will cherish these photos.

Neal and his cousins & Sister.

Ella got her kitty that she wanted so badly.

Reese got the flying fairy that she wanted so badly.

We all had a great Christmas and now to try to recover the house from all of the new stuff.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A really fun weekend

Last weekend Neal and I decided that we would split up and do some fun things with each girl on our own on Saturday. I spent time with Reese in the morning while Neal and Ella hung out and we switched after nap.

Reese has been begging to get her hair cut "like daddy's" for weeks. We compromised by taking off 3 inches.

She loves it and it looks really cute and healthy. It did what I hoped and made some of the curls come back now that it's not so heavy.

We then went and had her nails and toes painted. This is a photo of her waiting for her turn.

We then had lunch together at one of my favorite restaurants in Fayetteville, Noodles. We had a lot of fun together and I think she really enjoyed her one on one time.

Neal spent the morning with Ella. They went to a fun toy store that sent us a Christmas gift card and tried out all of the toys & she got to get a toy, they went to the new Atwood's farm & ranch supply to check it out and then ate at Houlihan's. He said she was a really fun date and seemed to have a great time herself.

When we got home we made icing for the birthday cake that we made for Jesus's birthday. This is her 1st of many experiences licking the mixer.

After nap Neal took Reese to run an errand and I took Ella to get her 1st mani/pedi. She felt like such a big girl and sat somewhat still.

Saturday night we had a family movie night in the bonus room. We blew up the air mattress, threw a bunch of pillows and blankets on it and watched The Polar Express. The girls sat through most of the movie & we all enjoyed the time together. 

Sunday evening we made a gingerbread house. None of us had made one before. Reese was pretty tired and had some trouble behaving and ended up having to go to bed early. She got to help with most of it but towards the end she was just being defiant and I had to follow through with my threats of bed if she didn't start listening (I'm not always great at following trough but have been better lately and am seeing benefits). She woke up the next day running fever which probably had something to do with the behavior the night before. Thankfully she got into the dr & on meds and felt better very quickly. 

The gingerbread house was fun and turned out really cute.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ella's 1st dentist visit

Last Thursday We took Ella to her 1st dental cleaning. Reese has always loved the dentist (we have an amazing dentist for kids) but Ella's personality is much more hesitant in these types of situations. Reese was so excited to show her all around.

She and Reese were playing on our bed the night before and Ella's front teeth collided into Reese's head. There was lots of blood and tears. They decided to get an x-ray to make sure everything was in tact. It all looked good. Ella didn't know about the x-ray process but she agreed as long as she was able to sit in my lap.

Reese & Ella coloring a picture of what they want for Christmas. Notice the band aid where Ella's teeth went I to Reese's head.

After seeing Reese having her teeth cleaned she was fine with the cleaning part.

She wasn't too sure about the dentist checking things out but she obliged.

She gave us a forced smile for this picture but she wasn't thrilled about him holding her for the photo. All in all she did great!

Snow fun

A few weeks ago we got a significant amount of ice and snow. I always look forward to snow but always get tired of it quickly. My girls are at such a fun age and we had a lot of fun playing in the snow.

Ella had fun but was only a fan for about 10 minutes. Then she was cold and wanted to go back inside.

Ella and I sled down our neighbor's driveway while Barkley was pooping in the background, ha.

We made snow ice cream.

Neal made a snowman with Reese and some of the neighbors.

Ella and Caroline warming up inside.

Reese and Reagan making snow angels.

Neal pulling kids behind the golf cart. The golf cart ended up getting too cold and dying. 

We had fun playing but now I am ready for spring, and it is only December :/.