Sunday, December 1, 2013


Today is the first day of December. This year has flown! I never do the days of thankfulness that I see so many do on Facebook but I always enjoy reading throughout November when many others do. I thought I would take some time today to write down the things that come to mind when I think about what I am thankful for.

I am so thankful for the free gift of salvation and all that was given for me to be able to live eternally.

I don't have enough words to say how thankful that He was faithful after so many years of prayer and heartache to become a mommy. Reese & Ella are definitely 2 of my greatest blessings and I love them more than I ever imagined being able to love.

I am thankful for a husband that I feel is a perfect match for me. He drives me crazy sometimes (and I know I do the same to him) but the thought of life without him is too hard to even imagine. It is crazy to me that I love and appreciate him more every day. He is also one of my greatest blessings and I'm so very thankful for him.

I am thankful for a family that has always loved me and supported me no matter what. I wish we all lived closer but it is so nice to know that they will always be there when needed. This is especially true of my mom. Despite the distance I can always count on her to help me out so that I can go on a trip every once in a while or for help here and there when Neal travels. She is truly a blessing to many.

I am thankful for great friends. I love that we have so many friends that are right in the same stage of life that we are, young families. It is really neat that many of us became friends soon before beginning to have babies. 

I am also thankful for our precious dog that loves our girls & I'm thankful for the way that they love her :).

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