Monday, November 11, 2013

Random updates on a Monday

1. Soccer is over. They had team pictures but apparently the photographer isn't returning calls and the league has no idea when we will be receiving the photos. So this is the best I have, from my phone. Sadly, Reese's best friend wasn't there on picture day :(.
2. Reese loves salad. Every time we go to CFA she begs for salad but I never get it for her because I don't think she will eat it. I recently got her one and she ate the majority. She feels like such a big girl ordering a salad so I guess I'll keep on getting that for her. She wasn't even upset that it didn't come with a toy.
3. These sweet sisters are playing together more and more. They really love each other and it makes me so proud. They still fight with passion too though.
4. The Christmas decor goes up at our house as soon as Halloween is over. Truth be known it sometimes happens a day or 2 before Halloween. The downstairs is fully decorated at this point. 1 month is far too short to enjoy all of the work that it takes.
5. This girl is beginning to figure out our electronics and it is so cute to watch.
6. She spent about a half an hour last week gathering up each of her babies and tucking them into my bed. She was so proud and it was adorable.
7. She adores babies and our good friend and neighbors baby she thinks of as "her" baby. Below is a photo of her holding and feeding "her" baby Griffyn.

8. On Sunday we skipped church and enjoyed God's creation instead. It is so beautiful this time if year and we had a great time on the Crystal Bridges trails.

9. This chicken lives at the donut shop near us. The girls acted as if it was going to attack them when they 1st saw it and then put their arms around it and begged me to take their picture. Nuts.

10. I know I've said it before but I love this dog so much!

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