Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ella's 1st dentist visit

Last Thursday We took Ella to her 1st dental cleaning. Reese has always loved the dentist (we have an amazing dentist for kids) but Ella's personality is much more hesitant in these types of situations. Reese was so excited to show her all around.

She and Reese were playing on our bed the night before and Ella's front teeth collided into Reese's head. There was lots of blood and tears. They decided to get an x-ray to make sure everything was in tact. It all looked good. Ella didn't know about the x-ray process but she agreed as long as she was able to sit in my lap.

Reese & Ella coloring a picture of what they want for Christmas. Notice the band aid where Ella's teeth went I to Reese's head.

After seeing Reese having her teeth cleaned she was fine with the cleaning part.

She wasn't too sure about the dentist checking things out but she obliged.

She gave us a forced smile for this picture but she wasn't thrilled about him holding her for the photo. All in all she did great!

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