Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Friends and 1 baby McAllister

So, Neal and I have some really great friends. My college friends threw us a congratulations party since it has taken us so long to get pregnant and they have been rooting/praying for us the whole way. They threw a party for us last night- they cooked some great food, their kids provided great entertainment, we had a fun time visiting and catching up and they got us some of the cutest gifts. The baby got a little Razorback hat that is the smallest thing I have ever seen, a cute little blanket in Razorback colors, a cute little shirt that says "Hogs and Kisses" and I got a pregnancy calendar that I can record all of my little changes/events in for the next 40 weeks.

We also had our first ultra sound this week to determine how many babies were in there. There will be only 1 McAllister! We are thrilled, I am sure God knows exactly what we can handle and more than 1 would have been overwhelming. The doctor said that it could still split up to 8 weeks (which I find strange). I am currently 7 weeks tomorrow and we are due on April 18th. We even got to hear the heart beat which was such a blessing! We could not be happier people right now and are SO thankful for this pregnancy!

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