Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reese Kennedy!

On November 17th we were so blessed to find out that we will be having a baby girl! I would be thrilled either way but I have to say after doing a few weeks of shopping it is going to be so much more fun to shop for a baby girl.

It was so amazing to get to see her on the ultrasound screen. In one shot we could clearly see her delicate little spine and towards the end she even stretched her tiny arms above her head, it was really cute. She has already gotten a few outfits and I have picked out all of the fabrics for her nursery. We have another ultrasound on Friday the 11th so I am waiting to buy the fabric or do too much more until they confirm one more time that she is in fact a girl.

We have decided to name her Reese Kennedy. It feels so much more real now that we know she is a girl and that we can call her by name. I find that Neal and I talk to her more often now that we can all her by name. I am now 21 weeks and I haven't felt her kick yet and I am SO ready. I want to have a way to know that she is okay. I know that everything says that you may begin to feel you baby sometime after 20 weeks and that you should not worry about it (especially with your first baby) until 26 weeks. It is hard not to worry but I trust God that she is just fine. I cannot wait to see her on the ultrasound on Friday so that I can know that she is just fine and maybe I will get to start feeling her move before then. I feel so blessed to get to experience all of this and to get to have a baby that is half me and half Neal. I was so fearful that Neal and I would not get this experience but God was faithful and I am so grateful.

So, Neal is the only chance in his family to carry on the McAllister name and we are pretty sure that we only want two children and the first one is a girl. So we know what the expectation is for baby number two. We will hope and pray for a boy the next time around but either way we will be so thrilled. Who knows if we have 2 daughters maybe one of them can convince their future husbands to take her name.

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