Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are so in love

I haven't updated the blog in a while for good reason...we have been busy with a new baby! Last time I updated the blog was a few days before we were scheduled to be induced, on Tuesday the 13th. My Mom flew in the prior Saturday so she would be there in case I went into labor early. On Sunday my Mom and I went for a long walk, hoping that it may spur on natural labor. While we were on the walk I felt what I thought could be my water leaking but was not sure. Later that day we decided to go into the hospital just to have it checked out. The hospital said that it was not amniotic fluid but as a routine they hooked me up to the monitor before releasing me. Everything was coming back normal on the monitor so they were filling out the paperwork to release me. Just as I was about to be released I went into a long contraction and Reese's heart rate dropped to a level that was not okay. All of a sudden there were 6 nurses hovered around me and they were paging the Dr. They started an IV and hooked me up to oxygen. Needless to say I was very freaked out and wondered if my baby was going to be okay. They said they needed to keep me hooked up for at least another 3 hours to make sure that did not happen again. About an hour later it did happen again and they said they were going to hold me over night to monitor me and let my Dr. decide what he wanted to do when he was there making his rounds the following morning. Later that night the on call Dr. went ahead and made the decision to induce me the following morning at 5, since it was only a day before I was scheduled to be induced anyway. Even though they gave me a sleeping pill I did not sleep very well...being 9 months and 3 weeks pregnant I had to pee every hour and to go to the restroom I had to drag an IV with me and unhook 4 cords and wear them around my neck to the bathroom and re hook myself before getting back into bed. Also, everytime I would shift they would lose Reese's heart beat and a nurse would have to come in and adjust the things on my stomach so that they could get her heart beat again.

The next morning at 5 a.m. they began pitocin in my IV to induce contractions. At 6 they gave me my epidural. By 8 I was 5 cm. dilated and 90% effaced, my Dr. came in and broke my water at that time. They decided to check me again at 10 and they said it was time to push. I could not believe it went that fast and thought they must be joking when they said it was already time to push. They spent about 30 minutes getting everything set up- they brought in so much equiptment and there were around 14 people in the room (my nurses, pediatric nurses, a nurse trainee and her instructor, some EMS trainee that had to watch one birth to complete his training, Neal, my Mom and Neal's Mom and later my Dr.). I began pushing at 10:35 and after pushing for about 15 minutes my Dr. got there and by 11:09 Reese was born! It all went so smoothly and I really never felt any pain, mild discomfort but no pain. The worst part was my heart burn.

The last 10 days of Reese's life have been amazing, tiring by amazing. She is such a precious baby that we love so much. She has her days and nights a bit confused but we are working on that. Below is a picture of our precious baby, I will post some more of our favorites later.

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  1. She is just adorable! Congratulations to both of you. I'm glad everything went well in your delivery.
    Take care, and I can't wait to see more pics..