Sunday, January 8, 2012

a new home for Baxter?

Well my Inlaws came up this weekend and took Baxter home with them because they have a potential new home for our little guy. We are feeling pretty good about the situation & hoping that it all works out. Neal worked at a country club when he was going to community college in central Arkansas & one of the members that he knew goes to church with his mom. His mom mentioned to this man that we are having to find a new home for Bax and he said he has a shih tzu and they were wanting o get theirs a friend. His kids are grown and we fully explained Baxter's moody personality. So, he is going to have an overnight interview tonight, mainly to see if he gets along with their current dog. Now we just have to wait & see if this new home works out. We are really hoping this works out!

Needless to say we were a mess yesterday afternoon when it was time to say goodbye to him. We will miss him so much but we think he will be happy in this home. We got a couple of photos with him before he left.

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