Monday, July 23, 2012

Random thoughts on a Monday

1. My Honda Accord was such a great car. I had 6 great years in the car and brought both of my precious babies home in that car but we have just outgrown it. This is the last picture taken with that beloved vehicle.
 2. I got a new car on Saturday! Another Honda but a much larger one.
 3. Reese experienced her 1st chocolate mess at Marketplace on Friday. She was very pleased and I'm sure she will beg for many more in the future.
 4. We have a silent dishwasher in the new house. It is so quiete that there is a red light that shines on the floor just so that you know that it is actually running. Ella can entertain herself for long periods of time trying to catch the little red light...she sometimes gets frustrated by it.
 5. Reese loves the new car, we all do. Behind the new car you can see the Reynold's house going up. Our old neighbors have decided to be our neighbors again and are building just one house over. We are SO excited!

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