Monday, February 4, 2013

Jitterbugs January 2013

Reese has been taking a dance class for the past 6 months called Jitterbugs. I love this program because they come to her school one day a week so she can do an activity like this without it interfering with our family time in the evenings. This is nice since we have such little time together on the weekdays. She absolutely loves Thursdays since she gets to go to Jitterbugs that day. She always comes home so excited to show us the dances that she is learning.

Saturday before last she had her big recital. We have been talking about it for weeks and she was so excited. The recital was a 1 and she normally naps between 11:30 and 2 on the weekends. So she was napless when we went to the recital, which did not help at all. She was reluctant to go with the rest of her class while the rest of us went to find seats but she complied. When the curtains opened and the song began the rest of her class began dancing and she froze. She stood on stage with one hand in her mouth looking at the rest of the kids and not dancing a step. She did wave and smile at us a couple of times. By the 3rd song she was sobbing and I had to go and get her. I laughed so hard that I was crying during the first song. While it would have been great if she had danced it will be such a funny memory that we will cherish. Below are some links to the videos that we got.


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