Friday, October 11, 2013

2 years and 3.5 years

I CANNOT believe that you are already 2 years old! Time is flying. I am having so much fun in this new stage of life but sometimes long for a cuddly baby, luckily you are a fairly cuddly little girl. You still have your baby chubbiness which I cherish as I know that will be gone before I know it. You have begun potty training but it is slow going. You have pooped on the potty 3 times and pee peed on the potty a handful of times (all at school though). You love to “practice” going on the potty but it seldom happens, you are making progress earlier than Reese did though. You now weigh 28.4 lbs (seventy fifth percentile) and are 2' 10.5" tall (seventy fifth percentile) and your head is also seventy fifth percentile. You are in between the sizes of 2T and 3T, a size 7 shoe and you wear a size 4 diaper but we are beginning to transition you to 3T pull-ups. You have adorable light brown/dirty blonde hair that has never been cut. Your hair is really starting to grow now and I look forward to putting those adorable little pig tails in it soon, that Reese always wore at about your age. You love Reese so much and want to do everything she does. You have discovered that when you are not getting your way you can pull her hair and basically hang from it to get a reaction, she does not appreciate this. You love to have your nails painted and to put play make up on with Reese. You are really beginning to talk well and are starting to put works together. Last night you told me to “get up” when you wanted me to come with you somewhere, this is one that I had not heard you say before. I am still trying to figure out what you are saying at times and you get so frustrated with me when I cannot understand. You are a great sleeper at this point and we seldom have to go to your room at night. You have the most expressive reactions to things and make the cutest faces. You are fairly shy until you really get to know someone. You love Elmo, babies, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and you and your sister both are candy fiends. We knew you had a lot of personality to live up to with Reese but you are keeping right up and have us laughing just as much as your sister always has. You are so sweet and adorable and I am so glad that I get to be your mommy.
You are already half way through the year and on your way to 4! You are too smart for your own good and you absorb everything. Your hair is getting so long and is so curly and beautiful. You are getting so tall and I have trouble finding clothes that work for you. You wear a size 4T or 5T (you really need 5T for length but 4T for size and you could possibly wear a 3T for width but it would all be far too short) and size 10/11 shoe. Shoes are quite the battle with you. You are very particular about what clothes you are going to wear and even more particular about shoes. We often fight over shoes and I often give up and let you wear socks with sandals or boots when it is 80 degrees out. Ariel is currently your favorite princess and you are going to be her for Halloween in a couple of weeks. You love Ella and are so sweet so often. You often share well with her and make sure that other kids are nice to her. You have begun playing with her for periods of time and entertaining each other, it is nice. You are fully potty trained at this point during the day and we are working on getting out of pull-ups at night. You love to play with the older girls in the cul de sac and were invited to one of their houses last week to play and it made your day. You felt so big and had a great time. You are very affectionate and concerned when a friend or stranger is upset. You try to comfort Ella when she is crying and offer her toys to make her happy. You are sleeping better than you were 6 months ago. You typically come down stairs or yell at us at the top of the stairs at least once a night and up to 4 times. Most nights it is just once or twice. The most common reason is that you have lost Lyla but what it always comes down to is that you want one of us to lay with you. If it is past 5 we just tell you to get into bed with us and I think this is what you are always hoping for. You have freckles on your nose and we recently discovered some in your feet too. You are such a lovable, sweet and precious little girl and I wish I could pause time for a while. I am equally glad to be your mommy too.
I love you both with all of my heart and am so proud of you.

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