Monday, June 22, 2015

Random updates on a Monday

1. Reese caught her first fish at Neal's Papa's house! She was so excited and talks about it often.

2. I have wanted a selfie stick for a while now. A few weeks ago we went to a Kentucky Derby party at some good friends house and there was a selfie stick there. These cute photos that we got made me want one even more.

I got a selfie stick for our 11th anniversary so I expect we will have more adorable photos with all 4 of us in them.

3. Neal and I have been married for 11 years! I love this man so much and am really proud of our 11 years together. This photo was also taken with the selfie stick!

4. These sisters fight with a vengeance but they love each other so much and it makes my heart so happy.

5. Reese went to VBS with some good friends a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun. While she was at VBS I got to spend some fun time with Ella alone. It was a glimpse into what next year will be like when Reese is in Kindergarten. Ella and I had a lot of fun but she begged to go get Reese hourly and whined about how much she missed her. It may take her a few months to adjust once Kindergarten starts.

Ella spends a lot of time pretending to not like this guy. I snapped a picture of this rare scene just before she covered her face as she didn't want her love for him documented. We were at their church for the VBS performance.

We went to a favorite bakery in Fayetteville to eat yummy treats and watch them make cakes one day while Reese was at VBS. she had a good time even though she doesn't look that happy here.

6. We had a solid week of rain last week. Summer is no fun with day after day of rain. We found a few indoor things to do and the girls got to jump in puddles a couple of times.

7. In just a couple of weeks the girls are going to Neal's parents house. They are so excited about it. We are also so excited...we will miss them so much but for the past couple of years they have done this and the down time at our own house is really nice. We are all looking forward to it but we will be so ready to have them back by Sunday.

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