Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mr. Pickles

About a month ago I got on to nwa yardsale to search for a doll house for Christmas for the girls (I broke down and bought a new one online yesterday). While on that site I found this instead. 

There was a family looking for a new home for their dog because they were moving and couldn't keep him. His original name was Razor. They originally were asking $400 for him (they paid $600) but it was harder than they thought to find a home and ended up giving him away. When I intially contacted them expressing interest the lady told me they had given him to a home that day. Well a few days later she contacted me telling me that family decided they were not ready for a dog and asking if we still wanted him. We said YES!! 

We renamed him, Mr. Pickles 😂. He is the sweetest, most energetic, naughty, funniest, cuddliest, most lovable dog ever. The girls love him!!

Barkley is not very playful but he has really broken her out of her shell. She has a lot of fun wrestling and chasing him. I think she has a lot of fun with him about 60% of the time and the other part of the time wishes he would just settle down. She loves having a companion though and I think she is getting good companionship with him.

This dog drives me crazy half the time but he is so cute and lovable. Today he pulled ornaments off of the tree, tried to eat Ella's slipper, stole a doll toy from Reese, stole the neighbor kids water bottle and ran off with it (all of the neighbor kids, myself & Neal chased him for it for 15 minutes...he thought it was so much fun), almost pulled my lunch off the kitchen table, pulled a loofa out of the shower & ran around the room with a gift from under the tree in his mouth. If I cannot get him to figure out how to bathroom outside and ultimately use the doggy door for it he is going to drive me insane but he has seriously managed to win us all over very quickly. We are all in love  with him and it is a lot of fun to have puppy shenanigans in the house again!

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