Tuesday, April 25, 2017

So many activities!

It's official. We are overcommitted and have too much going on. Both girls are in gymnastics, Ella is dancing, Reese has tutoring and golf, both are playing baseball and Ella is playing Soccer. This consists of practice or games every night of the week except Sunday most weeks and many days have multiple practices or games at one time.

While it does feel like too much at times we are having so much fun with it. The girls are loving most of what they are doing (aside from having to "carry a heavy bag" in golf and getting hit by the pitching machine twice now). Being in the house all of the time makes us all lose our minds so this keeps us out and active. It has been a really fun Spring. Once day they will narrow it to what they love but right now it is so much fun to watch them and determine what they may do well with.

So many activities!

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