Monday, July 17, 2017

Baby #3

About 6 months ago I jotted down these notes after a conversation with Neal. Until this conversation we were both pretty sure that we were done at 2 children. But it seems that not of us had been having doubts.

6 months ago:

Tonight was the 1st night that we discussed the possibility of 3 children. Until tonight we were perfectly happy with 2 girls. But tonight I asked your father what he thought about another kid, and his response was "well we have 2 amazing care takers asleep in there". I knew then that he was in for trying for another child 😭😁. That makes me so emotional and so amazingly ecstatic all at the same time!

I am currently 11.5 weeks pregnant! I couldn't be more excited. We told Reese and Ella that we were pregnant on Father's Day weekend. The excitement level in those 2 is more fun than I even imagined. They are going to be the absolute best big sisters! On Thursday I have a doctors appointment that will confirm that it is only one baby (we are always anxious about the possibility of multiples since we have so much of it in our family). More to come on all of this!!

These are the announcements that he girls made for Neal's family.

These are the journal entries I wrote to tell the girls. 

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