Sunday, July 17, 2011

a very long time

I know I have gone way too long without updating and I really have no good is just busy. Many things have taken place over the last few months.

First of all, we found at in late May that we will be having another baby girl. Honestly, we were hoping for a boy, just so that we would have one of each, but as soon as we found out that it was a girl we could not have been more excited. We have had so much fun with Reese and I know that it will be a blast for two girls to grow up together. so close in age. The new baby girl will be named Ella Brennan. We cannot wait for her arrival in mid October.

For Mother's day Neal bought me everything needed to plant a garden. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. We both have had so much fun with it. So far we have gotten a lot of green beans and two tomatoes. We have many tiny cucumbers. We have cilantro, basil and parsley that is ready but we have not yet cut any of it. It is funny how excited we get with each thing that pops up. We hope to have yellow tomatoes, tomatillos, squash, jalapenos, onions, egg plant and serrano peppers in the near future.

Reese is growing like a weed. We have noticed here recently that the rolls on her thighs, that we refer to as sweet meat, are quickly reducing. She is looking more and more like a toddler and no longer a baby. She is so much fun and each new development is a blast but it is sad that she won't be my little baby much longer. She is talking up a storm...more, dog, hi, hello, bye-bye, book, baby, whoa, ball, dada, mama, daddy, mimi, belly, bubble and she can also make the animal sounds for the dinosaur, lion, tiger, bear (she loves to growl obviously) and the cow. Neal has been teaching her her vowels and she actually will say a-e-i and then she stops. He started this as a joke and when she picked it up he continued it. Out of all of these words baby is her absolute favorite word as well as thing. She has mastered walking and has moved on to trying to jump. She began scowling and practices all of the time...Neal says she gets this look from me.

Neal and I were fortunate enough to have gotten to go on vacation last month. We went to a resort in Cancun, for a week, that we have been to twice before and love. We had a very good time but it was not without a few glitches. The first 2 and a half days of the vacation it was raining. Not only raining but pouring so hard that an umbrella hardly did any good. Since there was no chance of pool or beach time we spent the first day shopping. Shopping in Cancun is usually a blast but most of it is at an outdoor mall so running from shop to shop in the pouring rain wasn't my favorite. Being 5 months pregnant and walking all over in the pouring rain is also kind of scary. They do not use the best material on the ground for rain. There are very slippery tiles in many places. I ended up falling pretty hard the 1st day we were there. I luckily hit on my hip and there was no trauma to my belly but this scared us both pretty bad. Aside from some pain and a pretty bad bruise, everything ended up being okay. The 2nd day I spent at the spa having a pre-natal massage and facial...this was spectacular. Neal spent this time relaxing in the room reading. By the 3rd day we got some good weather and we could not be any happier. The ocean was terrible due to all of the sea weed that the tropical storm brought in but luckily the resort has amazing pools. I spent my time by and in the pool and Neal spent the time playing 27 holes of golf. We were both very happy people this day. The remainder of the vacation was very good. I think we both realized that week long vacations are going to be most enjoyable with our kids, in the future, and we will take long weekend trips together as we can. Reese was in great hands though. She had both of her grandmothers hanging out with her at our house for the week. They did all kinds of things including a trip to Eureka Springs, the Bentonville Splash Pad, the Springdale Aquatic Park and baby reading hour at the Fayetteville library. She had a great week. Coming home we both got violently ill, this part was miserable. I am not sure what we ate or drank but it was definitely bad.

Lastly, we have found a lot that we are in the process of contractually holding!!! We also found a house plan. Now that all of this is in place we are more eager than ever for our house to sell. Our house has been for sale by owner since February. We have had interest off and on but it has been remarkably quiet lately. We have loved this house but we are so ready to move on to something with more space.

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