Thursday, August 4, 2011

a fun trip to Houston

Last weekend Reese and I got a chance to go to Houston for the weekend. I had a great time hanging out with my family and spending time with Reese. Although, Reese did not feel especially well. She had begun breathing funny and kind of wheezing and coughing the Tuesday morning before we left. Daycare called mid morning to let us know that she was having trouble breathing while her binky was in but it wasn’t worth it to her to take her binky out…silly girl. They said overall she had a good day just got very congested through the day. On Wednesday she was still sounding pretty bad so we decided to get her into the doctor before I took her to Houston. The doctor said that he thought it was just viral but that he was going to prescribe an antibiotic just in case. He prescribed Cefdiner (a penicillin), which she had been on once before. That night she began running a fever as well. We began the antibiotic on Thursday morning. By Saturday she was still running fever off and on so we were thinking that surely it was viral and not an infection since the antibiotic was not really helping out. When she woke up on Saturday she looked like this!!!

Only her face was affected. Our best guess is that she had a reaction to the penicillin. We stopped the antibiotic and started Benadryl. Being home with my 2 nurse parents during this ordeal really came in handy. Through the entire thing she acted a little bit clingy and a bit more fussy but she seemed to have a good weekend. When she woke up on Sunday morning it looked like nothing had ever happened…her face was completely clear.

Outside of Reese’s being sick we had so much fun being home. We ate lots of good food, had a big family get together, went swimming at a really fun pool, Reese did lots of swinging and did a little shopping for the new baby girl. I only wish we could get down there more often.

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