Thursday, December 29, 2011

a sad end to a great Christmas break

This year we spent Christmas with Neal's family in Little Rock. This year was really fun because even though Reese doesn't fully understand she is more into opening presents and gets really excited about certain things. Below are some pictures of some fun memories of a great Christmas. Visiting Santa (the amazing elves convinced her that it was okay):

Christmas jammies:

Papa & Reese:

Mimi & Ella:

My sweet family:

Papa & Ella:

I LOVE this one:

Sweet Sisters:

Her reaction when 1st seeing Santa:

Fun with cousins:

We have always alternated each Christmas between my family and Neal's. Although it wears us out to travel for every single Thanksgiving and Christmas it has worked well. We have always known that once we have kids we wanted to spend some holidays at our own house. Next year is the year that we start this and we are going to do both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. I am hoping that my family will come up for Christmas some years, maybe every other which would make it every 6 years for them. I know that Neal's family will come to our house for Christmas since he is an only child. Even if my family decides not to come, I will miss them greatly, but I am so looking forward to getting to stay home. Traveling with kids is tough and it will be nice not to have to use up so much of our vacation time.

On to the sad part. Baxter bit Reese pretty bad the day that we got home from Christmas. Maybe he was mad at us for being gone? We have always wondered if this day would come since he is a pretty moody guy. He has done so great the past 20 months and avoided so many fights. He got so good at just walking away when she tried to bother him. BUT we know that we are going to have to find him a new home now that this has happened. We don't want to constantly live in fear of what might happen as we know that it could be worse next time, that would make us bad parents. He is making it harder on us and being ultra sweet the past couple of days. He's given me lots of kisses and been extra cuddly. We are so sad and have cried many tears in the past few days while trying to find him a home. Let me know if you know of a good kid free home!

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