Monday, September 16, 2013

Random updates on a Monday

1. Reese got an outfit from her Gigi last Spring that has turned into her favorite. The outfit really didn’t hold up that well from one year to the next, it wasn’t terrible but it was faded this year and just looked like it was worn hard last year. She has insisted on wearing this outfit at least once a week. It is being sold in the garage sale in a couple of weeks but I let her get one last wear out of it and made sure to get a picture.

2. Ella is becoming a little girl L There are so many baby things that are slowly going away. A couple of things that I do not want to forget are the way that she has said Elmo for the past 5 months, Melmo. She is now saying Elmo and is correcting me whenever I say Melmo. She has also called her milk, maach until a few weeks ago she is now saying milk. She is so precious and while I am excited for her to grow up I am going to miss my sweet baby. I want time to stop for a bit. In the below photo she tried a lick of her ice cream shaped chalk…she didn’t think it was very tasty.

3. We are not thinking that Reese is going to be a soccer star. She seems to think it is okay but it isn’t something that she is excited about. She is normally more interested in water or snack breaks and picking flowers on the field. She will run down the field with her team mates sometimes but doesn’t really have interest in kicking the ball or scoring a goal. At lease she is adorable when she is out there. I don't have any new soccer pictures but the below is an adorable picture of her sliding down a blow up slide.

4. Ella rode her 1st pony at first Friday a couple of weeks ago. She loves to look at photos of Reese riding ponies and begs to ride one too. She was so scared and would not let go of me the whole ride. She only agreed to sit on the pony for about a minute. She was not a fan. This is the best photo I was able to get. Stinker.

5. I just had to include this photo.

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