Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Soccer, Birthdays and Busyness

The next few months are going to be jammed packed but a lot of fun. In the month of September Reese has soccer games every Saturday, Neal will be traveling for a little over a week for Fall market and we have an exciting Little Mermaid Princess Experience to attend with the girls. In October we have Ella’s birthday party and day of birthday festivities and my youngest sister, Chelsea, is getting married towards the end of October and Reese has soccer every Saturday. The wedding will mean a lingerie shower, a rehearsal dinner and the wedding day all in a week (the same week of the birthday party and day of birthday festivities). Then the week after she gets married I will be having surgery and the following week is Halloween. I am exhausted just thinking about all of these things but it will be exciting and fun. I am looking forward to having my entire family in the NWA area. I love living here and it will be fun for me to show them to where I live.

Saturday before last Reese had her 1st soccer game. She is playing through a program called Happy Feet. There are 6 kids on her team and 2 of them are from her school, 1 of the 2 is her best friend Reagan. We found out last week that another one of her favorite friends will be joining her team starting this Saturday. They play another team of 6 each week. They have 3 kids from each team play at a time and do 3 on 3 scrambles. It was really cute and much less chaotic/funny than I thought it would be. They all did a great job when they weren’t too busy picking flowers.

This past weekend I ran my 1st 5k! I wasn't able to run the August 3rd 5k that I'd been working towards due to my ankle issues but I managed to run this one. I ran it in 30.05 minutes. I was so pleased to finish it without walking but there were a few hills that nearly killed me.

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