Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random updates on a Monday

I'm behind on updating so I thought I would do a "random updates" to cover a variety of topics.
1. First and foremost, I am so proud of Ella! She has been wearing panties for more than 2 weeks with only 3 accidents! This is 5 months earlier than Reese and it has been so much easier so far. Look at how happy she was to be putting on panties for the very first time.

This picture is the end of the 1st day and she is still in the same pants and panties. She didn't have a single accident! I am so proud!
2. Reese started a ballet, tap and gymnastics class at the Little Gym 3 weeks ago. We went only planning for Reese to start this class but we discovered that they have a gymnastics class for Ella's age at the same time and they let her try it out. They both had so much fun so we've enrolled them both. This is a really fun activity to have to look forward to for each of them.

3. Saturday before last I could tell that Ella was really tired at nap time. When I took her up she threw a big fit (she never does this) and refused to rock with me. She went over to her door to try to escape and laid down instead. She fell right to sleep. It was so sad and cute. I rocked by myself for 10 minutes and once she was deeply asleep I moved her to her bed. She slept for 3 hours.
4. Sunday before last I spend an hour drawing with the girls. I took 2 requests from each of them. Ella requested Elmo and Minnie and Reese requested Daisy and Sophia the 1st. I love that they think my drawing attempts are masterpieces, ha.
5. Ella loves having her picture taken lately. She sits down and usually places something beside her and begs me to take her pictures. She then wants to see the photo and will study it for a few moments. She is just so cute.
6. I have been waiting for a while for Ella's hair to be long enough for pigtails. At about this age Reese wore her hair in pigtails every day and I thought it was just so cute. Ella's is barely long enough and it will look much cuter a month from now but I am so excited that we are to a point that it is possible.

7. Reese looks so big in this picture. She is growing up so fast and I want to slow down time. She still has the unbelievably frustrating 3 year old side to her but so often she is such a delight. I love her so much and am having a lot of fun at this age.

8. This year after Christmas I punched holes into each of the photo cards and put them on a ring. The girls love looking through the photos. I think I will do this every year and I might even save them. I really love this.

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