Friday, March 14, 2014

Star Student

Monday night at about 7 pm Reese announced that she was the star student of the week and that she needed me to send “lots” of pictures to school the next day. Reese has a habit of not telling the truth lately so I really did wonder if this was true plus I thought someone at school would have told me about this if it was true (maybe even the week before) so that we could plan for the things we needed to bring and have time to order pictures. I asked if maybe she misunderstood and if she was the start student next week. She began to bawl and said “I am the star student, I really am, I need pictures”. I told her that I believed her and that I was going to send her teacher a note to find out what this means and what we needed to bring, her crying escalated and she said “no don’t send Ms. Kassi a note, I am the star student, I just need you to get lots of pictures for me and a book”. So I just told her okay and sent her teacher a note anyways. It turned out that she was in fact the star student and she did need pictures. Walmart photo lab was closing a few moments later and I was scrambling to figure out what to do because I knew not sending photos was not an option if I didn’t want a completely disappointed 3 year old…this was clearly a BIG deal to her. We dug through drawers and found some old photo paper and just printed some photos off at home. I let her pick a few and once she went to bed figured out the rest. Reese was thrilled with our choices the next day.
She has had such a great week knowing that she is the star student and getting to bring a fun item to show each day. Wednesday she got to bring her favorite book, Thursday her favorite stuffed animal and Friday her favorite small toy. Neal had a good idea and decided we should surprise her and get her lunch and show up to eat with her on Wednesday to make it even more special since it was clearly a big deal to her.
I am glad that her school does things like this because it has made for a great week for her.


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