Saturday, April 5, 2014

New York, Baby

The girls have a book that Neal got them a couple of years ago on one of his trips to New York called New York Baby. Ella wants to read this book most nights before going to bed. She loves hearing about all of the things to do in New York. We plan to take the girls one day when Neal has to go for work anyways but want them to be a few years older. 

Neal goes to New York for work fairly regularly. I have gotten to join him for the weekend a couple of times in the past couple of years. I am thankful that my mom has come up to hang out with the girls both times. I know it wears her out but I really appreciate the time I got to spend with my husband and the girls love their Emmie time. This last trip I did a lot of shopping, eating, got a foot massage and saw a show. This is a picture of Neal and I at times square about to go into the Disney store to shop for the girls.

Ella is a complete mommy's girl. She loves her daddy but she definitely clings to me. When Neal goes out of town he typically prints a picture for each of us and writes a note to us. Mine usually appreciates me for the things I do and lets me know how much he will miss me. Reese & Ella's usually tells them how much he loves them and will miss them and says to be a good girls for mommy and to help me out. I forgot to give them the notes before I went up to NYC for the weekend so they ended up getting them about half way through his trip. The girls both wanted to bring their picture/note to school each day. I got a text from Ella's teacher letting me know that Ella wanted daddy to nap with her and she sent me this picture. 

I sent it to Neal and he loved it. The next day another teacher sent Neal a note letting him know how much she loved the picture and that she'd been hugging it all day and again wanted to nap with him. He got this picture.

The day before he got home she again sent him a text saying that Ella had wanted to make him a picture so they made this.

I am so thankful that their school keeps us updated with pictures and messages like these. It means a lot. That night before he came home I talked to the girls about how he would be home the next day and would be picking them up from school early. When I walked into Ella's room that next morning she popped up out of bed and yelled "my daddy home?". It was sad to have to tell her he wouldn't be home for another couple of hours but she was so excited to see him once he did get home. The girls have an amazing daddy and they really love him a lot, as do I.

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