Monday, April 21, 2014

Random updates on a Monday

  1. We debated this season whether Ella was ready to try out soccer or not. I am so glad we decided to let her go for it. She is having so much fun and learning a lot. She has a lot of coordination and determination and it is so much fun to see how big she feels after being out there and learning new skills. Reese on the other hand is having fun but she prefers to pick flowers and come to the side lines to ask for a snack while she is supposed to be playing.
2. I am so so so glad that the temperatures are getting warm! We had 24 degree temperatures this week overnight but I really do think that may be the end of winter temperatures. I love that all of the neighborhood kids are out playing again most nights.
3. Most little girls, and some boys too, seem to be completely Frozen obsessed and my girls are no exception. They both watch the movie 10 times per week and luckily it is a really cute movie that I enjoy too and don’t get too tired of. Every day I am told that Reese is Elsa and Ella is Anna. I love that the story is about the love of 2 sisters and I hope it impacts my little girls.
4. Reese and especially Ella love taking pictures lately. So Neal and I end up with up to 40 pictures in a row on our phones that look similar to the below. At least they are entertained for periods of time.

5. We are planting a garden this Spring! My father in law is making some raised garden boxes and I am so excited to do this with my girls this year. I cannot wait to see how it turns out.
6. I am beginning to think Reese is almost done with naps, but the problem is that I am not done with them. I need that time. We have resorted to telling her that she has to have some rest time in my bed with a movie. It normally results in this so it is a win-win for all.

7. I cannot remember if I have mentioned before that we are having issues with Barkley jumping up on the counter anytime there is any sign of food up there. Well last week there was just a container that had had roast in it, no roast left, and she jumped up there and knocked off 2 platters that were up there that Neal and the girls got me for my birthday last year. I walked into the platters shattered in the floor. I didn’t talk to her for the rest of the night. I have to figure this out!
8. Lately Reese has been saying “no way Jose” often and Ella also wants to say this but instead she says “no Jose”. Neal and I laugh every time and she wonders why we are laughing at her.

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