Monday, May 12, 2014

10 year trip

Somehow Neal and I have been married for almost 10 years! Our actual anniversary is June 19th. It is amazing how much love I have for someone that often gets on my nerves :) (I know I get on his nerves even worse as he often calls me “nag-a-thon USA”). He really is a great guy that has been such a supportive, fun, sensitive, understanding and collaborative partner to spend the past 10 years with. We have the 2 most adorable little girls together and he is the best daddy to them that I could have ever imagined. Our girls and I are SO lucky to have him.
We (I) really wanted to do something special to celebrate 10 years, Neal honestly would rather have saved money as he is on a Dave Ramsey kick. Since he loves me as much as he does he agreed to take a trip and wanted it to be a surprise to me. I knew the date of the trip and that it was tropical but not the location. We had to take the trip a couple of months prior to our actual anniversary due to work schedules and the schedules of the ones that graciously agreed to stay with our littles. He knew that I wanted to try the Dominican Republic and I really thought that was where we were headed. He did look into it but it was going to be all day travel on the way there and overnight travel on the way home. We only allocated a Wednesday through a Sunday for this trip so that just was not going to work. So Cancun it was, for the 4th time. When I found out at the airport that we were going to Cancun I was thrilled. We both always say we want to try something new but we also both love doing what we already know we adore. Cancun has always been such a fun trip for us and this time was no different. We always stay at the same resort so he did change it up a bit and booked a sister resort that is on the main strip and is couples only. It was great but we have both decided that we will return to our regular spot next time…what can I say we are creatures of habit.
This is up on the airplane ride over. We were on the beach by noon…another perk to Cancun!!!

This was the view from our room.

This was left in the room to greet us.

This cute guy just sitting on the beach allowed us to get a couple of feet from him to take a photo.

Classic toes shot.

One afternoon we went over to our regular resort and swam with the dolphins. It was such an amazing experience but the cheapest photo package was $130 so there are no photos of that. Her name was Andromeda and she gave us kisses, pulled us 30 feet or so along the ocean and was cute and so much fun. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins and cannot wait to take the girls to do it one day; I think we will splurge on the photos when we do that. Other than swimming with dolphins we mainly laid around on the beach and by the pool, got a massage, hit some golf balls, ate a lot and slept. It was wonderful.
We had a great trip and I am glad Neal conceded and allowed us to have some us time to relax for a few days. I love this man so much!

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