Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random updates on a Monday

1. The McAllister house cannot stay well over the past couple of weeks, with the exception of Ella. Upon returning from a trip to central Arkansas to visit family a few weeks ago Reese complained that her stomach hurt. I think I convinced her that it was hurting because she keeps eating her boogers. Prior to this sickness she was adamant that she had no plans of stopping that habit. Later that night we realized that she was running fever. By 2 am her fever was up to 103 and she began with the diarrhea. She was in the bathroom about 20 times that first 24 hours and we were fighting to keep her fever down. By Monday evening she had been sick so many times and I was now seeing blood so I got her into the pediatrician, I was very thankful that our pediatrician is open until 8 pm on weeknights. It took 3 days for the results of the sample they took to come back but it turns out she had something called campylobacter, which is typically contracted by raw chicken. Who knows how she got it but we were at a large public pool that weekend so it could have come from the gross bathrooms at public places like that. Reese no longer eats her boogers and is saying that she will not be doing that any longer so that she doesn't become that sick again...I guess that is the silver lining to such a terrible sickness. I am just glad it only lasted a few days and that no one else got it. Below is Reese eating her jello once she was on her way to better.

One evening later that week Neal began running a low fever. The next day he played in a golf tournament, went on a big Sam's run with me and went out to dinner with me. I wish he would have rested instead because that night his temperature was up to 103. He was in bed from Friday night through Monday morningwith the exception of an outing to an urgent care clinic on Sunday. Turns out he had a severe sinus infection. They took x-rays of his face and his left sinus area was huge, causing his jaw and teeth to hurt. It took about a week for him to be back to himself.

The following Monday I came down with a fever. Luckily mine only lasted about 24 hours and with lots of rest, juice and chicken noodle soup I was back to myself in a couple of days. I had no other symptoms other than fever and achiness so I really wonder if Neal possibly had a virus, on top of the sinus infection, that he passed to me. 

I am so thankful that we are all well now and that Ella didn't get any of it. Ella was such a sweet little nurse through all of it. When Neal was sick and she would be playing outside she would regularly go in to check on him or bring him a flower. The evening that I was feeling really bad she never left my side and was so sweet and snuggly. 

2. The girls have been doing swimming lessons the past couple of weeks. Reese missed 3 of the 5 lessons due to her sickness so we may get at least one make up. They have become so comfortable with the water. Reese is swimming short distances under the water and Ella will go all the way under to fetch her princess diving sticks with her eyes wide opened (only in areas that she can still stand). I love that they love the water so much because I do too.

3. The girls and I made these adorable 4th of July shirts. I love them! I got the idea from Pinterest of course.

4. These girls love this dog so much and this dog loves these girls more and more all of the time. The day that we lose Barkley is going to be such a sad day for us all. I hope she lives until at least 25. 

5. When Reese turned 3 the binky fairy came during the night and got all of her binkies because when you are 3 you are too old for binkies. She had a hard time with it for a few nights but then got over it and it has not been an issue. She knows that Ella still gets them at night only because she is not 3 yet and once she is 3 the binky fairy will visit her too. However, the other day I caught her at nap like this!!

When I asked her if she slept with anything in her mouth while sleeping she said no. So, I showed her the picture. She hid her face in the couch and then came back up a few moments later grinning and said that Ella left it in the bonus room so she decided to use it. Stinker!

6. Neal and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 19th. 10 years have flown by. I love this man so much and am so thankful for him. We celebrated by eating sushi and sitting outside near the new concert venue listening to a Pat Green concert going on. He did not feel well as this was the day that his terrible sickness started.

7. Anytime I go to a fitting room with Reese I let her have my phone for entertainment. The idea is that she would play a game or watch a show. However, this is the 3rd time I have found pictures on the phone like this following our fitting room stay (or much worse where I am barely or not dressed).

8. Reese is so picky about what she wears. Typically she only wants to wear princess clothes, which mean a dress. A few weeks ago she chose to wear a particular dress the night before, which I agreed to. The next day she was downstairs at 5:50asking if it was time to get dressed. She was dressed and ready by 6 and got to watch TV for an hour. The next night she decided to wear her Easter dress the next morning, which I agreed to. She snuck into our bed in the middle of the night that night. In the morning I went upstairs to grab the dress and couldn't find it. I went back down to discover that she had grabbed it in the middle of the night before coming down and had it in her arms in our bed. Below if an example of what she picks out when there are multiple pieces involved and just how happy it makes her to pick her clothes. Nut!

9. Neal let the girls splash in puddles on Saturday and they had a blast.

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