Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ella's 1st hair cut

Ella’s hair has been slow growing. Reese and Ella have very similar hair but Ella’s has taken a bit longer to grow. We got Reese’s hair cut the weekend of her 3rdbirthday and it was about time to get a trim and for some evening up. By Ella’s 3rd birthday a haircut wasn’t really needed. We recently went to get Reese a trim and Ella was interested in getting her hair cut. Neal wasn’t with us at the time so we couldn’t get it trimmed that day but we made plans to come back with Daddy. The weekend before Thanksgiving Gigi and Gi-Pop always come up so we thought that would be a good time to get her 1st trim and they would be able to join us. Unfortunately, Reese wasn’t feeling well that Saturday that we set out to go so Gigi and Gi-Pop stayed home with her while Neal and I took Ella for a trim. Ella felt like such a big girl. When the stylist asked her how she wanted it cut her response was “like Punzel, to the ground”. So we told her that we would just trim it a little to kick start growth and before she knows it she will have long hair…we will see. I love this sweet little girl.

Just before the cut:

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