Monday, March 23, 2015

tooth troubles

Our girls seem to be cursed with problematic baby teeth. A couple of years ago Reese had to have oral sedation in order to have 4 cavities filled and while it went well it was somewhat traumatic for a 3 year old. I hoped that Ella would bypass any major work on her baby teeth but she was not so lucky.

A few weeks ago she had to have 2 crowns on her back bottom molars. It seems that the back side of these 2 teeth were cavity ridden and were crumbling away. We really have an amazing dentist that is so good with littles. It all went really well but when she woke up and the bottom half of her face was numb she was not a happy camper. She kept yelling "get this off of me" and would claw at her lips and chin. Luckily she didn't break the skin while clawing and after a couple of hours she calmed down and took a long nap. When she woke up from her nap she ate like a bottomless pit. I then took her to the mirror to look at her new silver teeth...she loves them and calls them her "sparkle teeth", ha.

Both girls now have seals on most of their teeth and hopefully we won't have any more problems.

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