Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random updates on a Monday

1. Ella really likes having her picture taken. She poses in the most random places and says "mommy take my picture" and if I don't happen to have my phone she pouts for a while. Here is the latest random shot while at Walgreens picking up ear drops for her sister's swimmer ear problems (yes she went in her jammies).

2. These girls have such a special bond. They haven't seen each other much over the summer but the past few weeks have gotten to spend some sweet time together. Reagan, her mom, Reese and I are going to take an overnight trip to Branson before school and I think they are really going to have a blast. It will be interesting to see if they keep this bond over the years even though they will not see each other as much since they are going to different schools.

3. Reese's last day at The Kids Studio was a few weeks ago. I cannot believe her time there is done. She spent 5 great years there and I am so thankful to have found such and amazing daycare/preschool center. The staff really loved her so well and taught her so much. I am especially thankful for the love for Jesus that is taught there and all that Reese soaked up from many. She will miss it but will visit often since Ella will still be there for a bit.4.  My mom came up for a visit while she has a short break between summer school and the school year starting. She was here for her and my youngest sisters birthday. We had a lot of fun! A highlight was when she was pulling toys out of the pump of our neighborhood pool and reached in for what she thought was a toy frog. She quickly realized (after having it in her hand) that it was a real, dead, bloated frog. She shrieked and threw it. It takes a lot to get my mom flustered. Reese, Ella and I laughed hard. Reese wanted to play with it and kiss it like she does live frogs and I had to threaten her to keep her from it.

5. Look at this back seat full of cuteness!

6. During the 3 weeks that Reese is out of school before kindergarten starts I have been able to spend some really special time with her on the days that Ella goes to school. Some of the highlights have been eating at a bakery and watching them make cakes for hours, An Anna, Elsa and Christoff dance party at the library, sitting together for lunch at restaurants, high rise trampoline park and a super special overnight trip to Branson with her bestie and mom. I cherish this special time I have gotten with her and cannot believe kindergarten starts a week from today!

7. Gigi also paid us a special visit before the girl starts kindergarten. We had a lot of fun with her and even got some free babysitting since Neal and I had an event to go to.

8. This is Neal and I at said event, The Color of Hope. I just love this handsome man.

9. We love this sweet dog.

10. I am really going to miss getting to start most of our days relaxing with this sweetness.

11. The girls have been saving money for cowgirl boots and last week they finally got to go purchase them. I love that they have wanted something so badly and worked hard for it.

12. I am predicting Ella is going to have a hard time with her sister going to kindergarten. They play together often and love each other so much.

13. This one was longer than normal!

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