Monday, August 24, 2015

Reese starts kindergarten, how can it be?

A week ago today my biggest baby went to kindergarten. People with kids always say that time flies but until you have kids you never understand just how fast time flies by. I cannot believe she is in kindergarten. She is loving it!

The week before kindergarten she got a pretty big haircut, about 5 inches!

Her teacher's name is Mrs. Elmore. We have heard so many great things about her. I have been really impressed so far. She has taught kindergarten for many years and seems to be great with the kids. Reese really seems to like her.

The morning of she was a little anxious but pretty excited. Once we got there she happily picked a table and played with the legos on the table but when it came time for us to leave her she wasn't so happy. She cried a bit but the librarian, that lives in our neighborhood, stopped in and did such a great job of comforting her. The crying only lasted a moment and when we picked her up she was all smiles. We took her out for fro-yo to celebrate a great 1st day.

I walked her in the first 3 days. On the 3rd day, Wednesday, we had some really loud storms overnight. Reese still hates storms and woke up crying at 4:30. She never went back to sleep so when I walked her into school they had to peel her off of me, crying. She calmed down in moments and went on to have a really great day. I think it had a lot to do with her level of exhaustion due to being up for hours at the time of drop off.

Because the Wednesday drop off was a bit rough I worried about the plan to let her walk in on her own Thursday. We went for it anyways and she walked in like a superstar, no hesitation and happy as could be. I am so glad that she was prepared for all of this and that we have raised her to be so confident and independent but I am also sad that all of the baby seems to have faded away.

I held it together and did not cry during this first week. However, the Sunday before one of our pastors prayed during church over our schools, teachers and students. While he was praying that He would protect our students and guard their hearts and hit me that even though I have listened to prayers like this year after year this year it actually applied to me an oh so real way. I may have lost it a bit.

And we can't forget that this sweet girl started Pre-K last Monday. She is so excited that she now gets to do computer and Spanish and all of the other things that the Pre K classes do but the younger kids don't. Her main teacher is Ms. Skylan and she seems to really love her. Could she be any cuter?

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