Sunday, November 8, 2015

A month with "Auntie"

First of all Reese decided to begin calling my youngest sister "auntie", it was Aunt Chelsea until about 6 months ago. Now both girls consistently call her Auntie and I think it is so cute.

We found out about 6 weeks ago that Chelsea and her husband were moving to Minneapolis. Their house sold in only 4 days and her husband moved up to start work the 1st of October and Chelsea had a project at work to finish up before she moved. So she needed a place to live for about a month and she decided that was with us. We were all excited about the extra time with her before she moved so far away, especially the littles.

We had a great month with Chelsea. It was really helpful to have someone entertaining the girls at times, helping to babysit a couple of times, helping with dishes and grocery shopping and even cooking a couple of times. The girls ate up the time and had so much fun with her.

We will miss having her so close but hope she loves her new home. We also look forward to visiting a new place that 4 out of 5 of us have never been!

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