Friday, October 23, 2015

Ella's 4 year old dr. appt & stats

The 4 year check up comes with the dreaded finishing off of kindergarten shots. Ella had been dreading this for weeks. I debated whether I should tell her about the shots or let her find out once we got there so she didn't have to worry about it beforehand. I decided she needed to be prepared and in hinds sight I am glad I did it this way. We have a book about going to the doctor and getting shots that we were able to read and she would talk about it every few days but in the end she did great.

This is her snooping through the doctors drawer.

& laying on the exam table before the doctor came in.

& hiding under the exam table after the doctor left and we were waiting on the nurse to come in to administer the shots.

& after she got her shots. She cried for about 2 minutes but then was just fine. She really was very brave about it. The best news is, neither girl has to have any more shots until they are 10!!

Ella is an all around healthy girl and I am beyond thankful for this. She weighs 35.2  lbs, which is 50th percentile. She is 41.25 inches tall, which is 75th percentile. She is tracking taller than most but is perfectly average for weight. Love this girl so much!!

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