Monday, October 19, 2015

Ella's 4th birthday!

My littlest baby turned 4 on Saturday! Time. Is. Flying! This girl is so much fun and has added indescribable amounts of joy to our lives. She was a bit of a surprise and I am so thankful that God decided to give her to us when He did.

The weekend before her birthday her Emmie (my mom) came to celebrate with her. She came the weekend before because she had that Monday off, so it was more time to be able to spend. We had a lot of fun & Ella got the 6 barbie princesses that she's been dying to have as well as the palace pet figurines, she was thrilled.

Gigi and Pop pop came in for her birthday weekend. The below shot is her reaction when she opened her Peppa pig house and car. I caught her in mid air, jumping with excitement.

We had her party at the house with a small group of little girls that she loves. Princess Belle came by and Ella is still in the clouds from the excitement of this visit. She had an absolute ball and will definitely remember this party for many years.

Ella, I love you more than you could ever imagine. You are a precious little girl that is so sweet, sensitive and funny. Happy 4th birthday!!

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