Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valanakah 2016

Neal. spoils. us!! Valanakah this year was lots of fun and the girls and I were showered with 8 days of gifts, again. They seem to love gifts...just like their mom. Neal was traveling for a few days of Valanakah this year so we facetimed with him while we opened our gifts one of the days and one of the days he was in meetings and couldn't facetime so we sent him a picture of us with our gifts that we were so excited about. 

The night before Valentine's Day Ella's school did a studio at night so the parents could go out. Neal and I decided to skip the super busy restaurants and do take out and enjoy the peace of our kidless house. We both really enjoyed it but looked forward to the crazies coming back home.

Today, Valentine's Day, we trekked down to central Arkansas because it has been way too long since we have spent time with Neal's grandparents. We are having a fun time with his precious Mimi and Papa & we got some great pictures that I know will be treasures.

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