Friday, February 19, 2016

Random updates on a Monday

1. Regot
Both of my girls say "regot" instead of "forgot". So they either remember something or regot it. I may be guilty of not correcting this. I know it will get corrected by others and it is one of the very few baby like things about them, especially Reese. I will be sad the day they begin saying forgot, but I know the day will and should come.

2. He's eating our house
Pickles is making further improvements in some areas but is successfully eating our house. Needless to say the poor, sweet guy spends a lot more time in his crate when we are not home.

3. Sooie Spotlight
Reese was the student of the week a few weeks ago, they call it sooie spotlight. She was so excited to get this title for the week and Neal and I got to come up to eat lunch with her one day and read her favorite book to her class, Purplicious. It is fun to see her at school with her amazing teacher and friends. I am so proud of all that she has learned this year.

4. Car naps
I have been letting little bit skip naps some days and also take a nap in the car some days when we are running around a lot. She is so compliant and says okay when I tell her it's time to turn off the movie and take a nap. She sometimes covers herself up with a blanket or in the below case a towel, ha. I really enjoy all of the time I get with her and am so thankful for it. She is a sweetheart.

5. Little Dribblers
Reese participated in a basketball program called "Little Dribblers" with her two friends Jack and Grayson. She really liked basketball. This was a program to learn the basics, they didn't play games on teams. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a basketball player in the future. We all really enjoyed it...aren't they the cutest?!

6. Wonder Woman
Ella is so prissy and princess obsessed but recently she rented a Wonder Woman book from the library. She is suddenly really into superheroes. I think this is so cute and a good balance for this adorable girl.

7. Princesses & a Razorback
A few weeks ago we went with some friends to a Ladyback gymnastics meet. A bunch of princesses were at the meet and of course the little girls wanted their picture with them. When we got down there one of the mascots was taking a picture with them for the Razorback twitter page. I asked if he wouldn't mind staying in our picture too. I love this!

8. Picture taking obsession
The girls are still obsessed with taking pictures on my phone and I am often finding pictures that I didn't know about...and some that I did know about but make me laugh.

9. Gap closing
Neal and I met about 14 years ago working at the Gap. Recently the NWA mall Gap closed. So on Valentine's Day we got a picture in front of the vacant store. Sad day!

10. Cora Beth
We don't get to see one of my best friends and college roommates nearly often enough. We did get to spend a few hours with her and her daughter last weekend and the girls had so much fun with Cora. It is so much fun that they are to an age that they remember people and their interactions are so cute at this age. We spent about an hour at Target playing on the toy aisle, picking out leotards and trying on all kinds of clothes in the fitting room...cute little girl fun.

11. Star Student
Ella is the start student at pre school this week. This little girl has been asking for months when she will be star student and when she found out it was her this week she was over the moon excited. 

We ate lunch with her today and completely forgot to get a picture so I will get one one day this week and add it here later. She's loved having mine and Neal's full attention at lunch and just ate it all up, so sweet.

I got some pictures when I picked her up!

12. I'm pretty proud of their unicorn Valentine's boxes. I actually put some work into them this year since they will also double as Reese's birthday party decor next month.

The day they brought them to school they were talking on the car ride there and they named them. Reese named hers "uni" & Ella named hers "horny". I laughed when I heard this & they wanted to know why...I told them I just thought of something funny from earlier.

13. Ella wanted to type her name. I always say no but this time I said yes :) :

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