Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poor sweet Ella

My poor baby has been running fever and horribly congested for 5 days now. She is just too sweet to feel this bad! She began running fever on Sunday and the horrible congestion set in on Monday (she'd been mildly congested for a couple of weeks). She had a doctors appointment on Monday morning and they determined that her lungs sounded good and her ears looked good. By Wednesday she was still running high fevers (up to 102.9!) so we took her back in. Neal took her to this appointment. They tortured my poor baby. They did a flu swab, took her temperature rectally and inserted a catheter to test for bladder infection. They were not successful in getting any urine and right when the catheter came out she peed and they were unable to catch any of it. So they put a bag on her. We were able to collect urine in the bag and we brought it in this morning. They tested the urine that I brought in the morning and it came back showing signs of infection. So they had to re catheter her :( to get a sterile sample to test. It came back completely clean. She has not run anything over 100.1 in the past 24 hours so we are all hoping that it is just a long lasting virus that we are at the end of. If the fever spikes back over 100.3 we have to immediately get her in for a chest x ray to rule out silent pneumonia.

I'm heading out soon for a fun weekend with my sister's and mom in DC. It's hard to leave my sweet baby while she's sick. It's also hard to leave my sweet husband with all of this going on. I'm praying for a great weekend for us all!

Below is a picture of a bright spot in the past few days, her first bath in the ducky. Reese used to love bathing in this ducky. Despite feeling so crummy Ella really enjoyed this bath.

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