Sunday, March 11, 2012

Settling in

Many people have asked for photos of the house now that we've moved in. I cannot wait to show it to everyone but right now it's in such disarray that I'd be embarrassed to take pictures and show anyone. I am feeling like it is really coming together over the past week though.

I promise to have pictures posted by the week of April 16th. The 14th is Reese's birthday party, at the house, and our goal is to have it reasonably together by that time. I met with my amazing decorator this past week and she has some great ideas of what to do with lots of my existing stuff and is out scouring for some new items. She is going to spend the day working in the house towards the end of next week and I am going to be so eager to come home that day and see what kind of magic she has worked.

We are beginning to feel more and more settled and it's really starting to feel like our home. We have loved the way the layout works for our family. In addition to the rooms we built we had plans to also have a dedicated office but in the end decided to cut back the square footage some, eliminating the office. I think this was a good choice as this size really seems perfect...not huge but so much more space than we previously had. Last night we sat outside and enjoyed the fireplace for the first time. It was really nice (pics of that below).

On a side note Ella has woken up every morning for the past 4 mornings with a complete blow out. Outfit change, sheet, blanket and lovie wash all completely necessary. I try to cherish every moment as I know she is our last but I'm pretty sure that this is something I look forward to having pass. Poor, sweet girl seems so frustrated by it too.

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